Support Plans

For WordPress Websites

No Plan

$55/hour for fixes, maintenance, or website updates.

Your site is built well, but WordPress is...and updates are....


/ Month

"Just In Case"

If something goes wrong on the site, we'll have it back up and running ASAP.

Example: A plugin update causes the website to not display properly
- A user accidentally deletes an essential plugin and the website no longer displays


/ Month

Maintenance + Protection

- Monthly framework updates to entire site, including WordPress

- Monthly plugin and extension updates/upgrades

- Monthly site testing & security checks

- Monthly backups of the entire website, stored free for 1 year.

- Piece of mind: If something goes wrong on the site, we’ll have it back up and running asap.


/ Month

Dedicated Support

- Quarterly or monthly analytics reports on your site’s visitors and trends

- Quarterly or monthly SEO audit and fixes to all pages, posts, products

- Up to 10/hours per claim on fixes

- Budget for new feature builds OR discount on hourly work after set included budget?

- Up to 2 content updates per month to the site (swapping out content on a page, creating a new post, etc. Does not include new page designs or templates.)

- Will monitor your hosting account and check monthly for any issues or upcoming expirations that could cause a website error.